About Us

PaulinaH / Pixabay

We like stories.

We like the creativity the Internet fosters.

But when we look around the Internet, no one’s telling the stories we’d like to see. Not just fantastic and fantastical stories, but stories rooted in truth and goodness. Stories that are honest about how the world works, but written with the belief that stories are meant to make men better.

And so we created Children of the Wells.

We’re a team of writers sharing a world, working with one another to challenge each other and make each story as good as it can be. And we want you to be part of this world. We want you to enjoy it, tell us what you like, bounce ideas off us.

Because this is a work in progress, episodic stories unfolding one novella at a time, bit by bit, over the years.

Is it a grandiose project? Certainly. It wouldn’t be worth doing otherwise.

And if we make stories half as good as we dream, we’ll be happy.

And, hopefully, you’ll be happy, too.