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tSB-coverWhat is this so-called Children of the Wells, anyway?

Good question!

In a nutshell, Children of the Wells is a series of novellas set in a fantasy world that developed along similar technological lines as our own but with magic as the energy source. Then stuff goes BOOM! and our story begins.

So, wait, is this one book? Or several?

The writers of Children of the Wells have been influenced by the episodic-yet-connected structure of TV shows such as Babylon 5 and LOST as well as the world of comic books. As such, we tell our stories in novella-sized plot lines that tell an entire story. They each have a satisfying resolution that also leaves questions for the next novella.

And, like TV, we have different writers for different novellas. Each brings his or her own particular writing style and story perspective to the ongoing plot.

That’s cool. So there’s one big story…

Not exactly. Currently we have two concurrent plot lines, each with its own characters and concerns. We want to explore the world and the consequences of events from multiple angles. Occasionally, we’ll have one-shot bonus stories that give insight to nooks and crannies not touched on in the main plot lines.

fall-of-kyzer-cover1Okay, how much does it cost?

The first installments of both plotlines are available for free on the website, both as ebooks and as serialized posts. We’ll also post free bonus material. Later books may offered for free or more a token amount. We want to share our stories, but we also want to compensate our authors. We’re constantly working to find the best arrangement.

I’m sold. Where do I begin?

Well, if you’re one of those fine folks who like to start at the beginning, I’d recommend The Select’s Bodyguard, which is the first novel in the Bron & Calea series, or The Fall of the House of Kyzer, which is the first in the Jaysynn series.

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