The Rules Change

Book 2 of Jaysynn

Written by John Bahler

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After barely escaping his own city alive, Jaysynn, the last heir to the throne of Kyzer, finds himself eking out a living in a refugee camp outside an enemy city. Falcon Point, the city that rebelled against Jaysynn’s ancestors and declared its independence, now carefully guards and controls its resources in a time of devastation and chaos. Stripped of what little power he had, Jaysynn considers accepting a new life of less responsibility. But a peaceful future of anonymity alongside the peasants, including fellow refugee Kyrie, may not be possible if the leader of Falcon Point, Governor Vac, learns there is a son of Kyzer on his doorstep.

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Previous Books in this series: The Fall of the House of Kyzer

Publication Info

Word Count: ~26,000 words

Chapters: 10

Serialization start Date: October 30, 2013

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